Blog - October 2017

Cartoon Collie

This is a recent commission from a client in the US for veterinarians and support staff. The logo is being used on a website and the plan is to use the collie character across some other material.

The collie was a particular pleasure to draw, but the tricky bit was creating a fur effect for the lettering while keeping it as a vector file so the logo remains infinitely scaleable. Had this been created in a pixel-based programme instead, such as Photoshop, then you can only really scale downwards.

Client very pleased with the result!


Hythe Pier Train Day

On Saturday 28th November Hythe Pier will be celebrating 100 years of its pier train. It's astounding that this little locomotive has been running that long. I've produced a cartoon for use on the day which will form part of a competition up and down the pier. If you're free, head on down and take part in the fun!

Posted in Cartoons by Simon on 23/10/2017

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