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First impressions can make all the difference, so whether it's your website, your printed literature, or your social media posts, it's important your words, and your business, come across competently and correctly. 


Josephine's years of experience in journalism mean she can tidy up your copy so you do yourself and your business justice. She assists PR agencies, marketing departments, design companies and authors to apply that final polish so all that hard work can shine.


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“Ceratopia provided an excellent proofing and fact-checking service, with discerning attention to detail, great pick-ups, and all returned to deadline."


S Course, Weblink Corporation Ltd, Hong Kong

"I am not a professional author but, after retiring from my very successful family company that I founded, I decided to try to write my biography and named it ”Opportunity”. I had a lifetime of hard graft and hard work and I wanted to give my family an insight into what and how it all happened and how it matured into a large international mechanical engineering company.


"After a couple of years of scribbling down my thoughts, I needed to have the manuscript properly checked and proof read thus my contact with Josephine. Shortly afterwards ”Opportunity" was successfully published. My book is still selling, mainly to budding business people,  many of whom have kindly contacted me since and used my story as a form of encouragement and advice.


"My thanks to Josephine, without whose help this would never have happened. I would thoroughly recommend her professional services to any budding author.”


Frank Canning, author of Opportunity

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