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Moving Pictures

If you want interactivity with your customers or target audience then Google and Facebook will tell you that a video works far better than a still image. People pause to see what's coming next.


Simon's been getting to grips with animation and you can see the results below. He uses his skills in Adobe Illustrator to illustrate the backgrounds and characters, then Adobe After Effects to animate, with the whole animation pieced together in Adobe Premiere. Music is either purchased from a music library or written bespoke, depending on your budget.


Whether it's a short animated promotion, a festive greeting, or an explainer whiteboard video, we can help.



Dinosaur Kind, written and animated by Simon Chadwick.

If you like the style then perhaps Simon could help you.

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Ceratopia animation, Dinosaur Kind

Ceratopia animation, Stella Stegosaurus

Ceratopia animation, Dinosaur Kind animation

Ceratopia Animation, Milo Minmi

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