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Quincey Quokka's Quest Is Now An App

We're pleased to announce that Quincey Quokka's Quest is now available as an interactive ebook.

Through this book children help Quincey through a series of activities that require them to remember, control their actions and exert control over their thinking. In doing so, children gain valuable experience in support of their cognitive development. This app is an interactive ebook version of Quincey Quokka's Quest, which allows children to continue interacting with the book even if an adult reader is not available to share it with them. Complete with character voices and animations, Quincey's world is now as immersive as ever.

Quincey Quokka's Quest was first developed as a picture book to support children's cognitive development. The abilities it aims to foster have been shown to play an essential role in setting the stage for a broad range of outcomes in later life (e.g., school readiness, academic achievement, social and emotional competence). Quincey Quokka's Quest aims to promote the development of these abilities, giving children the best possible start to life. 

Quincey Quokka's Quest has been featured by numerous media outlets (e.g., ABC News, WIN News in Australia). It is also the subject of peer-reviewed research published in Educational Psychology Review, as well as ongoing research, which outlines its benefits. 

To download the app please visit Apple’s App Store.

For further information, visit 

Posted in Books by Admin on 27/10/2016

New Children's Picture Book - Fudge The Jersey Cow

Ceratopia Books is pleased to announce Fudge The Jersey Cow, the new book written by Farmer Bryan (Bryan Pass) and illustrated by Simon Chadwick.

Farmer Bryan runs the popular New Forest visitor attraction Longdown Activity Farm and through his books he aims to share about the animals and day-to-day tasks of looking after them. In Fudge The Jersey Cow we get to witness the birth of Fudge's calf, Toffee, milking, and the problems with hoof-clipping, to name but a few. 
The friendly, colourful illustrations are inviting with plenty for young eyes to discover as they share in Fudge's experiences.

Get your copy today direct from Longdown Activity Farm, through the Ceratopia website, or via Amazon.

Posted in Books by Admin on 03/08/2016

Fudge The Jersey Cow At The New Forest Show, 2016

Another year, another New Forest Show... and another new book! After the the rather splendid success of last year's Samuel The Donkey which played it's small part in the Longdown Activity Farm marquee winning the President's Cup, Farmer Bryan suggested doing another. So this year we're pleased to announce Fudge The Jersey Cow, launched today at the show.

Sales on all books have been brisk, up 50% on last year, so rather chuffed about that, and that's including all the books with Farmer Bryan, Val Anne Lee, and Martin Bradley, as well as my New Forest Friends.

If you'd like a copy they're available via or from or, if you're local, call in to the Longdown Activity Farm shop if you can't make it along to the show.

Posted in Books by Simon on 26/07/2016

Sneak Peak At New Children's Book

Here's one of my illustrations for a new book we're launching at the New Forest Show in a couple of weeks time... More info to follow soon...

Posted in Books by Simon on 15/07/2016

Quincey Quokka’s Evidence.

Great news! A research report has just been accepted for publication, reporting on the first 3 studies on the effectiveness of Quincey Quokka’s Quest for improving children’s working memory and attention. The studies, published online now in Educational Psychology Review and soon to follow in print, showed benefits in as little as 3 weeks, which were maintained two months after having stopped reading the book with children. These benefits were over and above the benefits seen just by reading the book, suggesting that cognitive ‘brain training’ does not require expensive and time-consuming computerised programs, but instead can be done in everyday and low-cost contexts.

Discover Quincey Quokka's Quest for yourself in Ceratopia's shop.

Posted in Books by Admin on 01/06/2016

Quincey At The Big Ideas Festival

On 25th August Quincey Quokka's Quest featured prominently at the Early Start Research Institute's interactive booth at the University of Wollongong Big Ideas Festival. This free festival showcases some of the University's most groundbreaking work, research and ideas, including presentations by some of the University's top researchers. 

The interactive booth showed off Quincey, the research we have conducted to evaluate its impact on children's cognitive development and outcomes, and the various ways those outcomes have been indexed. 

We're very pleased to report that there was plenty of interest in Quincey and his book. If you'd like to discover what the big idea is when it comes to this particular little Quokka then you can get your copy at or on Amazon.

Posted in Books by Admin on 27/08/2015

Quincey Quokka's Quest At The American Psychological Association Conference

On the 6th of August 2015 Dr Steven Howard presented his research on Ceratopia Book's Quincey Quokka's Quest to the American Psychological Association Conference in Toronto. We're pleased to report that the research went over very well, with plenty of interest and further questions about Quincey's adventure and the thoughts and processes behind it.

The session on, Cognitive and Executive Function, included Ewald Neuman from the University of Canterbury on Deciphering Interactions Between Visual Selective Attention and Working Memory; Sheida Rabipour of the University of Ottawa on Indexing Expectations of Cognitive Training and Their Influence On Cognitive Performance; and Steven Howard of the University of Wollongong on Engaging and Enhancing Children's Executive Function And Self-Regulation Through One-On-One and Group.

Posted in Books by Admin on 14/08/2015

Samuel The Donkey

So the big deal at the centre of the Longdown Activity Farm tent at the 2015 New Forest Show was the launch of a new book, written by Farmer Bryan and illustrated by me. It's called Samuel the Donkey at the New Forest Show and tells the story of Samuel's rather noisy exploits from past shows, a vocal talent which was often in evidence throughout the show, and certainly didn't harm book sales much. The bonus was that if you bought the book, you could also get in with Samuel and have your photo taken with him, something that proved extremely popular. 

The two boys in the photograph with me are Alex and James, from Bradford, who've been coming to the New Forest Show for the past four years and always make a bee-line for the Longdown tent so they can have a cartoon drawing from me, and they're always good enough to buy my latest books. And they're not the only familiar faces, so it makes all the preparation and effort worthwhile when families such as Alex and James seem to enjoy it so much.

If you'd like your copy of Samuel the Donkey, please visit my shop, Longdown Activity Farm, or it's on Amazon (as of typing it says Out Of Stock, but Amazon take their first delivery today).

Posted in Books by Simon on 31/07/2015

Waterside Arts Festival 2015

I was a guest on Saturday of the Waterside Herald alongside other authors including Celia Leofsy, Martin Bradley, and Cathy Woodman as part of the Waterside Arts Festival. The Herald's offices stock my New Forest themed books and have been brilliant at promoting them, and me, locally. Because it had promised to be good weather Martin and I set up outside, with me doing some live drawing (which I unexpectedly sold that afternoon) and signing books before sending people inside to pay (and thus meet the other authors). I never know what's going to be popular book-wise, and Saturday it was almost all New Forest Friends that were sold - still going strong! I get an increasing amount of people that read them as children that are now buying them for their children, so must be doing something right. During the afternoon all the authors moved en masse to Hythe Library for the last couple of hours, where we were splendidly looked after by the library staff with tea and biscuits. It was a good day, and a big thanks to the Herald for organising their bit, to the Library in the afternoon, and the Waterside Arts Festival for putting the whole show on.

Posted in Books by Simon on 13/07/2015

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