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Poster Design For Multiple Events

There's certainly a lot less printed material being used since the arrival of the internet, but that doesn't mean there's no longer a requirement for print, nor does it mean that what's used online doesn't need designing. What it can mean is that people are more careful about budgets and the danger there is that by cutting corners you can damage your brand and how you are perceived by your customers.

I was asked to create some posters for Volleyball England that could be utilised over email but also be printed and displayed to advertise up-coming taster sessions to attract people to the sport. The posters required a generic design where the venues, dates and times could be altered. This could be done by setting a template in Word or even an Adobe Acrobat PDF form, but both those methods are very restrictive design-wise and it means you have to compromise the design with the limitations of the software. The best result for Volleyball England would be to be able to maintain their corporate identity with a professional looking design, so as part of the design cost for producing the posters I've offered to make the text amendments for future events. This way they get a professional looking poster rather than a compromise at a price they don't need to worry about.

If I can help you maintain a professional looking image with your graphic design then please do get in touch.

Hampshire Dyslexia Association Roller Banner Design

Here's a recent design for a roller banner produced for the Hampshire Dyslexia Association, a very worthy charity supporting people with dyslexia and those who assist them. You can learn more about their work here.

Roller banners are everywhere nowadays because of their versatility and immediate impact. A good quality roller banner with a strong image  is an excellent promotional tool that strengthens your brand and draws the eye.

Roller banners shouldn't try to say everything that you do, but be succinct, bold and colourful. Use them to get you noticed and draw people in to learn more.

Equally, there are many grades of the physical banner itself, so if you're aiming to use your banner several times then don't go for a cheap banner that won't stand up to repeated use - invest a little more for a good quality, well made one. For sound advise on the topic talk to Splash Display

If you're interested in learning more, or would like your own banner designed, then do get in touch. We'll be happy to help.

2013 Visitor Attraction Leaflet For Longdown Activity Farm

The new Longdown Activity Farm leaflet has been printed and distributed ready to be discovered by families in and around Hampshire and the New Forest.

I've been designing and illustrating the leaflet for several years now, so we decided to give the cover layout a tweak to build on what had gone before. This meant some new cartoons and a slightly different approach to the photography, and the end result is rather pleasing.

Despite being a ten-page fold-out leaflet, there never seems to be enough room to fit all of the information in as the farm offers so much to see and do throughout the year, and it's always changing, so it's a challenge to keep everything readable and accessible. The end result is always pleasing, and whenever I visit the farm I always get a kick out of seeing families using the hand-drawn map I created to find their way around.

If you've never visited Longdown Activity Farm before then take the opportunity this year - great fun.


Blackbrook House Brochure

Thanks to Gina Rayner at GR Care Consultancy I've had the privilege to work with many care homes, nursing homes, learning disability homes and domiciliary care services on various requirements from care plans to signage. One of those jobs was for the beautifully restored Blackbrook House in Fareham, a Grade II listed Georgian property in landscaped gardens. It's a genuinely stunning place, gorgeously decorated with a magnificent eye for detail that also reflects the level of care the home offers. As a new home, they wanted a brochure that reflected the beauty of the building and the standard of the care.

Half the battle with any brochure such as this is the imagery, as often people will glance through the pictures before they decide to read anything. Fortunately Gina had also suggested the photographic talents of Focal Strategy who went along on two occasions to photograph the 26 distinctly individual bedrooms, the reception rooms and gardens, leaving me with a fantastic range of photographs to choose from. 

The brochure is designed to reflect the interior of the home (furnished with the likes of Laura Ashley and Sanderson) with the text set in a larger than normal type-face to help its readability with those whose sight may not be as it once was.

The home is an amazing place, and as it says on the front of the brochure, a beautiful place to live.

October 2012 Edition Of Hampshire FA County Magazine

I've just completed the latest edition of Networks magazine for Hampshire FA. It's aimed at communicating everything clubs, players and officials need to know about the grassroots game. This issue includes news on the 2011/2012 County Plan, the FA Community Awards and changes in refereeing, and at over 40 pages it's a substational read.

If you think I could help with your newsletter or magazine then do get in touch.

Hampshire FA Roller Banners

The great thing about roller banners is that they're easy to transport, easy to put up and easy to take down, making them the ideal way to add some visual impact to presentations, stalls and exhibitions. You can use them as instant colourful backdrops or detailed instant information boards, and it's their very vesatility that has made them so popular. 

I don't always get to see the finished designs if they're being delivered direct to the client, so Hampshire FA have been good enough to send me a photo of the recent set I designed for them and made by those wonderful folk at Splash Display.

If a roller banner or two (or four for that matter) could help you promote your business, group or event, then do get in touch.

Focus 7 - Featuring Someone Familiar

Look out for the latest issue of the Waterside Network Group's Focus magazine, dropping through letterboxes along the Waterside in the coming days. Designed and laid out by Ceratopia, this is a magazine to promote and support local businesses, and this month the cover star is... me.

Because of my new children's book I thought it a good opportunity to grab the cover when it became available at the last moment; a perfect opportunity to spread the news locally as the magazine has a 15,000 distribution down the eastern edge of the New Forest.

You can read more about the magazine, and the Waterside Network Group, at the Waterside Network Group website.

Data Maps

When you've a lot of information to impart paragraphs of text can become too much of a trawl for the reader. One way around this is to show the information graphically, such as with this data map produced for Hampshire FA.

Every year Hampshire FA chart the number of active participants involved with structured, regular football. The data is divided up between adult 11 v 11 and female 11 v 11 football, youth male and female 11 v 11, mini soccer and FA charter standard clubs, requiring a map for each. Then each map charts how each district within the county compares to the national average and what change there's been since last year. With the traffic light colours and simple labelling the data is obvious at a glance.

The maps have been adapted to cover other requirements, such as the whereabouts of clubs and investment in facilities. Neighbouring county FAs have also been commissioning them, and have included the availablity of referees and the reach of local leagues.

In most cases the artwork is supplied as PDFs to be shared as needed with colleagues, but occasionally the maps are created to illustrate the availability of upcoming training courses for the public. In those cases, interactivity can be built into the PDF so a click on the map takes you to an online booking form on Hampshire Fa's website.

And all so much nicer to look at than paragraphs of text and tables.

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