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Peter Pan Panto Illustration

Here's my illustration for this year's pantomime at Princes Hall Theatre, Aldershot. You can find out more about the performance here.

Emer Farm Poultry Logo

Emer Farm Poultry wanted something a little different from other businesses providing poultry, and as they supply peafowl they opted for something a little more unusual as their new emblem. The logo is created using vectors in Adobe Illustrator and is designed with a minimum amount of flat ungraduated colours to allow for easy embroidery onto corporate clothing and to have a bold presence once placed on their website and stationery.

Would you like an effective vector-illustrated logo like this? Then do get in touch here.

British Game & Poultry Illustrations

PDM Game & Poultry, based near Salisbury, commissioned me to create two logos and some full length bird illustrations for a rebranding of their twin businesses.

Because the birds were to be used across a variety of media, and would include embroidery on clothing and signage, the decision was made to create them using vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator. The advantage of vectors is that the logo can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality, as opposed to pixel-based illustrations that become more and more distorted the larger they are used. 

The logos and illustrations will be going live on their new website in the coming weeks.

Step-by-step Installation Illustrations For Stannah

I recently completed a set of twelve illustrations, commissioned by B&V Creative in Southampton, to illustrate and explain the installation process of Stannah's lifts for inside residential properties.

The aim of the illustrations is to put the home owner at rest by highlighting the potential disruption and helping them to visualise the finished lift in place. The lifts are amazing pieces of kit that make a huge difference to a person's life by allowing them to retain their independence within their own home, with the illustrations covering two types - one for passengers able to stand and one for wheelchair users.

The client had a specific clean-style in mind, with minimal colour, to create easy-to-understand, non-fussy images, and all approved with the minimum of tweaks. 

On The Banks Of Hatchet Pond

Just wanted to share my favourite illustration from the new book. There was something rather appealling about drawing a frog high up an oak tree.

You'll have to buy a copy to see more! Look out for it throughout the New Forest or order direct from me by dropping me a line at

It's Panto Time...Oh, No It Isn't


Just been asked to produce an illustration for a panto...for their Christmas 2012 production! I enjoyed turning the Beast into a big ol' pussy cat.

Hand-Drawn Maps

I was asked a short-time ago to create a cartoon map for a Fish Spa which has had the nice knock-on effect, partly due to the wonderful power of the blog, of attracting some similar work. One of the jobs that followed was a hand-drawn map for the Queens Hotel in Brighton who wanted something a little friendlier than a Google map and different from the usual vector drawn map.  I'm rather chuffed with the result.

St John Ambulance Fire Safety

This one of a series of illustrations created for St John Ambulance to help with fire safety awareness. The idea is to identify all of the potential hazards within each scene. It's created using vector illustration with Adobe Illustrator, which proves handy should the client want to make amendments because you can just select an object and move it - possible with layers in a pixel-based illustration package such as Photoshop, but potentially cumbersome with the amount of layers required. All of the series have been created as one-point perspective illustrations which was an enjoyable departure from the looser cartooning I'm doing day-to-day. I needed a suitable reference for the two hoodlums with the fire extinguisher, so got my boys to pose - much to their delight- although they were concerned if they'd get into trouble!

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