Cartooning At Ranvilles Junior School

A couple of weeks ago now I spent the day at Ranvilles Junior School in Fareham as part of their Big Button Day. Children arrived at school only to be ushered into an urgent assembly in the hall. Once there the headteacher told them of some strange goings on in the school over the half-term which concluded with what sounded like giant footsteps thumping across the hall's roof and local police officers telling the children that a giant button had been found and partioned off in the playground. Whatever had made the noise and lost the button was long gone, so I was there to help children visualise what they thought it could have been.

Groups of children joined me in the hall and made their suggestions, then I had a stab at drawing them while the children copied. It was a great opportunity to share cartooning tips, and we got through several drawings with each group, ranging from giants and ogres to witches and aliens, and even a giant centipede. My favourite was the Vampire Viking which was a right giggle to draw.

The purpose of the exercise was to not only build on the children's drawing techniques and confidence, but give them some visual pointers to help them develop their story writing as they were going to be challenged to turn that morning's events into a work of fiction.

It was a busy, intense day, but a lot of fun and a great excuse to let imaginations run wild. Certainly one of the most entertaining events I've taken part with at a school, and that's saying considering how much I enjoy them.

I've already read one of the stories - very funny - and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Enjoy the photos.

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