Data Maps

When you've a lot of information to impart paragraphs of text can become too much of a trawl for the reader. One way around this is to show the information graphically, such as with this data map produced for Hampshire FA.

Every year Hampshire FA chart the number of active participants involved with structured, regular football. The data is divided up between adult 11 v 11 and female 11 v 11 football, youth male and female 11 v 11, mini soccer and FA charter standard clubs, requiring a map for each. Then each map charts how each district within the county compares to the national average and what change there's been since last year. With the traffic light colours and simple labelling the data is obvious at a glance.

The maps have been adapted to cover other requirements, such as the whereabouts of clubs and investment in facilities. Neighbouring county FAs have also been commissioning them, and have included the availablity of referees and the reach of local leagues.

In most cases the artwork is supplied as PDFs to be shared as needed with colleagues, but occasionally the maps are created to illustrate the availability of upcoming training courses for the public. In those cases, interactivity can be built into the PDF so a click on the map takes you to an online booking form on Hampshire Fa's website.

And all so much nicer to look at than paragraphs of text and tables.

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