DataClear Logo Development

Your logo represents your business and is an important part of that first impression you give to a potential customer. I'm sure you've read stories about logos costing a staggering amount of money to develop that never justify the expense. Because a logo can be a personal thing if you're a small business or a group decision if you're a large one, inevitably it can be a drawn out process. But the time spent - and so the costs incurred - can be greatly minimised by taking the initial time to understand what it it is the client is after and so narrow the focus for the creative process.

I've recently completed a new logo for DataClear, a Southampton-based company that helps businesses become more effective through information technology. 

DataClear already had a strong idea of what they wanted, especially with colours, but were open to anything from minor tweaking to a full reworking of something they'd created themselves.

Because they were so clear in what they liked the first step was to produce variants and subtle reworkings of their starting point. This helps keep the costs of the development down rather than me take time creating fresh ideas from scratch. Dataclear were quickly able to identify a version that was working and the entire process was completed with the minimum of fuss and cost, including the design of business cards.


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