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If you've a child with allergies - or suffered from them yourself as a child - you'll appreciate what a constant worry it can be. are a British company dedicated to raising awareness of childhood allergies. They have a range of wristbands that specify what allergy your child has (there are even customisable multi-allergy bands) so anyone coming into contact with your child will know what allergy your child has, even if that allergy is preventing them from communicating it directly.

I was fortunate enough to be asked by to create a range of cartoon characters to be featured on the wristbands, from bee sting to wheat allergy, and even a pair aimed at boys or girls who require an inhaler for asthma. You can see the full range on their newly re-launched website, again featuring my cartoons.

As someone who even today gets the sniffles in the presenece of cats, I think it's a great idea. Pay 'em a visit.

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