Big In Butlins

Not having had a blog for so many months now means there are all sorts of things I've missed out on reporting. One of those was the Cartoonists' Club Of Great Britain's AGM at Butlins last October. During the club's early years, when many members had young families, annual getaways to Butlins were commonplace. In fact, for a period, Billy Butlin was a club patron and as long as the cartoonists did a spot of doodling then the stay was free! Things are very different now, and only a handful of members have young children, but as it was our fiftieth year we decided to give a nod to our past and head off to Skegness.

As part of the fun we all headed for the beach for a Cartoons In The Sand competition, which included a junior section for those members with children. My daughter worked hard on a mermaid cartoon, adding various shells and seaweed to the masterpiece, and walked away with first prize. Meanwhile, it was stiff competition in the adult section as many of those present made their living from single panel gag cartoons. Seeing the likes of Tim Harries arrive equipped with different sized sticks ("...this one's my 2B, this one's a 3H...") was rather unsettling, but I got stuck in all the same with the heel of my boot. After much rubbing of chins, and a slight panic when we realised the tide was coming in, the winners were announced and I found out I'd come second. Unfortunately the sand cartoon was so large we couldn't get high enough or far enough away to photograph it, so I've just sketched it out below for your viewing pleasure.

We had a great time, especially because it was an opportunity for spouses, partners and families to meet one another. Already looking forward to this year's jaunt to Somerset!

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