Cartoon Workshop At Foxhills Juniors

A couple of weeks ago I had to race back from a weekend away with the good folk of the Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain to spend the day with the equally wonderful people at Foxhills Junior School. 

We had a great day, with three large groups of children taking turns to join me in the hall for some cartoon tips and tricks, including a few on how to draw secret agents and criminal masterminds, a topic the school had been using to fire the children's imaginations.

I was also intensely grilled by the journalistic talents of three intrepid Tintin-like students, determined to get to the bottom of what made me tick.

I was made to feel very welcome, and along with all these photos the school have sent me a short note:

"Hi Simon, just wanted to email you to say HUGE thank you for visiting our school on Monday 17th October. The children really enjoyed your visit and it really kick-started our book week fantastically. Your influence showed in the comic strips that the children produced during the week, which was brilliant".

Thank you, Foxhills!

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