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I've been working with GR Care Consultancy for two years now developing a series of products to help care homes, nursing homes, learning disability homes and domiciliary care companies offer the very best in care by ensuring they are compliant with the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety set out by the Care Quality Commission.

These products include comprehensive care plans, policies and procedures, infection control files, visual prompts and much, much more, and all are designed to ensure that the welfare of service users is at the forefront of everything the care company does. Also, by ensuring the products are tied into the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety the care companies know they are being compliant with what the Care Quality Commission expect.

I've just learned that one of the care homes that purchased the products was today inspected by the Care Quality Commission and that the CQC were hugely impressed with the home. They made particular mention of the care plans and associated documentation, stating that they'd never come across anything quite like them before and praising their comprehensiveness. 

This is a huge pat on the back for GR Care Consultancy who have worked tirelessly on ensuring the detail of the products for such a long time. Their prime motivation is making the lives of those being cared for the very best they can be, which has constantly impressed me throughout my involvement. I'm proud to be a part of the team.

I understand the owner of the care home in question has got the champagne out, and quite right too.

If you think GR Care Consultancy can help you with your care business then get in touch with them here, telephone 0796 333 5094 or email

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