Drawing Cartoons With Ringwood Infants


I recently visited Ringwood Infant School on the edge of the New Forest to talk about my children's books and draw some cartoon animals with the children. It's a lovely school with a great atmosphere, and they've been good enough to invite me back again and again.

Each of the classes is named after a different New Forest animal, so once I've introduced myself, shown some original artwork from one of my books, and read a story, we all draw a step-by-step cartoon illustration of the creature that class is named after. It's a great way for the children to draw as I tell them we'll just be using lines, shapes, numbers and letters to build up our picture, all things they'll have put to paper before, and sure enough they can see the character slowly appear on the page as they follow my lead.

Another great part of the visit is that the school kindly invites me to sell my books in the library at home time and every year they have advertised this really strongly. I took a huge pile of books with me this year but still managed to sell out, so ended up taking orders for delivery the next day. 

Thanks for having me, Ringwood!


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