Longdown Activity Farm Arts & Crafts Week

Spent Friday at Longdown Activity Farm on the edge of the New Forest on the final day of their Arts & Crafts Week. I was there drawing cartoons of animals, sharing cartooning tips and encouraging some colouring of pictures of the Longdown animals. 

It was incredibly hot but we were tucked away under canvas, with plenty of visitors throughout the day. Managed to draw dozens of animal cartoons and even sold a few of my New Forest Friends books too. It was particularly nice to meet a couple of families who had come along specifically because they'd read about it on the Longdown website and wanted to meet the man who'd drawn the animals.

If you're not familiar with Longdown but have a young family then it's well worth a visit (in fact, it's worth a season ticket), and if you're local you can't go far wrong by visiting their wonderful farm shop. Find out more here.

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