New Forest Show 2011

Well, what a busy week that was. I was fortunate enough to be the guest of Longdown Activity Farm at the New Forest Show. I create Longdown's promotional material, so the idea was that we'd use the cartoon animals I'd created for them to get children cartooning themselves or simply colouring in some of the animals on pre-printed sheets. It was also an opportunity for me to sell my New Forest Friends children's books. 

All three days saw the marquee packed with people, and I reckon I drew over 300 cartoon animals as children challenged me to draw their favourites, while 600 colouring sheets were livened up, some of which I was able to put on display.

One particular highlight was a little boy from Bedfordshire who takes my New Forest Friends & The Litterbugs book with him everywhere, and despite not yet old enough to read himself, he could tell me the entire story. At the other end of the spectrum was an adult, who I initially took to be about my age, who told me that I'd been in to his school and signed a copy of my book for him. Turns out it was 1994!

The photo is early on day one before the crowds descended, with huge promo graphic and book stand supplied by the marvellous Splash Display.

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