Marwell's Zany Zebras: Day 17

Yesterday was the last day of April, and the deadline for completion is looming! I really wanted to crack on with the legs, but they're such slow work when you're lying down or hunched over like Gollum. I spent my entire childhood sprawled on the floor drawing but can't seem to do it as well any more. So along comes Will Rosie, Mr Mosaic Man himself (pictured), and lends me the stools he uses so he can tile the lower regions of his three (count 'em) mosaic zebras that he's been commissioned to do. Will says he doesn't need the stools until next weekend, so I've got a solid week to pencil, paint and ink the limbs. Huzzah!

You should really check out Will's work by visiting his website. He's produced some beautiful mosaics as public art, for corporations, and as personal commissions. The results are spectacular.

And as if the loan of the stools weren't enough, Will spent the afternoon chucking me additional scenarios for my lions to be getting up to. I now have quite a considerable list, which is all good.

Just about to leave for Day 18... 

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