Brilliant Bookstands

New Forest Friends book standMy New Forest Friends children's books sell well during the tourist season through New Forest shops and attractions, but with many products often jostling for a finite amount of space, the books can often disappear amongst the bustle of the shelves.

So, thanks to the amazing folk at Splash Display I now have these amazing stands to catch the punters' eyes. They're constructed from wood with perspex shelves and a brightly shaped graphic featuring some kind words by Bill Oddie.

Collectively the three titles have sold over 20,000 copies in the past decade, and they're still finding new audiences every year, but I'm hoping that the new stands will boost sales to a new level.

If you're a New Forest retailer and you'd like a stand in your shop, or perhaps a smaller perspex desktop stand if space is limited, then get in touch here and we'll get you sorted before the tourist season begins.


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