Marwell's Zany Zebra's: Day 14 & 15

Bit of a sad day yesterday as it was the last day the four original artists using the Marlands art space were working together. Tory Allen applied her final coat of varnish to Crystal, while Martin Davey was applying his first coat to his second zebra design. That just leaves me and Will Rosie, and bearing in mind I've still got half to go and he's an entire other one to start yet, we both could well be there for the duration. Also had a surprise visit from my mum, which was good. She didn't bring cake or biscuits, but I'm sure this wasn't an oversight and she was just thinking of my racing snake figure.

Today I had my daughter Alice to help me. She's great in that I can tell her I need such-and-such bits blue and off she goes, as neat as anything, so I don't have to worry. We managed to get the entire side pretty much finished (pink tongues and inking still need doing) but it was intense going. We had the company of Sally Goodden all day, plus plenty of visits from people wanting to know more about the project. Although at least one person a day thinks we're doing donkeys, the huge majority are either aware of the project, want to know more about it, or are still enthused about the previous Go Rhinos, so even though you find yourself stopping a lot to chat and answer questions, the enthusiasm the public projects is rather infectious. Lots of kids in today too, from small children in awe of the whole scale of the thing, to groups of teenaged boys who came in bouncing off the walls but ended up captivated and engaged.   

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