Marwell's Zany Zebras: Day 10

Lots of visitors today, starting with a visit from seven-month old Logan who'll be the only person permitted to sit (supported) on the zebra. They're not strong enough for sitting on, but he's my great-nephew, so just for once it was allowed. Then my friends Stu, Sarah, Emily, Nathan, Annabel and Joseph called by (with flapjacks) and Emily tried her hand at painting. It was white on white, and her brush control was pretty good, so no touch-ups required afterwards. Also had visits from Sarah's dad later in the day, another friend's mum, and even my brother called by (hello, Steve).

It was also a bit of a landmark day as I've joined up the two sides with the wood now all painted and inked. So it'll definitely be back to some lions next time I'm in. 

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