Marwell's Zany Zebras: Day 6

Something slightly different today. I wanted to use pen for all the linework, but the problem with that is that the zebras will be on display in the summer sun for several months, which essentially means faded ink. I did some research and discovered the Mitsubishi Uni Super Ink Marker Pen on It's light-fast, so although the very top layer gets burnt away by strong sunlight, the lower layers stay nice and black, so decided to give that a whirl. After a trial area in the zebra's nether regions all was looking good, so I embarked on inking the wood structure on the face, and I have to say the ink went on superbly. Extremely happy with the result. Obviously the proof will be at the end of the Zany Zebras trail later in the year as to whether or not UV light has faded it or not, but have read a few artist's reviews online that suggest all is good. With luck, I'll actually ink some lions tomorrow too!

If you're shopping in The Marlands in Southampton, or able to swing by, do come and say hello. We're just down from the Disney Store, opposite the tea rooms. And if you do come in, black coffee, cookies, or Dairy Milk most welcome!

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