Marwell's Zany Zebras: Day 5

First of all, big thanks to Sam and Ruth for bringing me a black coffee today, and to Felicity, Jacqui and Carl for bringing a black coffee and some chocolate! Always grateful, and always nice to see some friendly faces.

In fairness it doesn't look like a productive day as I spent most of it painting white bits of the zebra's face and ears, er, white, but I felt it needed the acrylic over the undercoat, plus it helped seal the pencil, which I keep smudging. The acrylic pulled slightly at the pencil in places, creating an interesting shading texture that looks rather nice. I won't be satisfied that it's all coming together until I can add some black lines, though. Have ordered some rather neat-sounding pens that claim to be lightfast, so won't fade in the sunshine when the zebra is on display in the city for a few months. I'm seriously hoping they do the trick because the alternative is some painstaking fine painting that will add hours. Pens should be with me for next weekend for a trial run.

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