Marwell's Zany Zebras: Day 2

Second day of Marwell's Zany Zebra pencilling, and that meant tackling the posterior end. I've had views today of a zebra that not many are fortunate enough to get.

I've also got to appreciate just how tricky painting the underside will be, simply because of the awkward angle, although one of my fellow artists turned her's over sideways to make it easier for her, so there's always that option

We had quite a few members of the public pop in today to watch and ask questions, which is nice to do. A few children dragged tentative parents in, so I made a point of talking directly to the children for taking the initiative and was rewarded with some great questions.

By the end of the day I'd pencilled all of the wood structure except for two thirds of the front leg, and my pencil was but a wee stubby the end. Tomorrow I just may get round to adding my first lion...and maybe some paint!

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