Marwell's Zany Zebras: Day 1

It was my first day as an official Marwell Zany Zebra's artist today, so I met up with some fellow Zebra painters and mosaicers at a special unit at Southampton's Marlands Shopping Centre and got to meet my zebra. I was, perhaps, a little optimistic in what I'd achieve today, but even so, have managed to pencil a third of wood structure. 

My design is called The Trojan Zebra and will feature a gazillion cartoon lions visible inside through the zebra's stripes, so to put my above comment into further context, I've pencilled a third, minus the lions. So that would be a sixth then. L-o-n-g way to go.

A special thanks to Oxygen Freejumping who picked my design to sponsor. Stay tuned for further updates as I go, and feel free to pop in and see me on Fridays and Saturday's in the Marlands. And if you're passing a coffee shop, mine's black, no sugar.

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