Ejector Seat Arts Festival


Just returned from the Ejector Seat Arts Festival in Palmerston Park in Southampton where I've been helping children create their own cartoon characters.

It was absolutely roasting, so the park was packed with people taking in the sights and sounds. Live music, film displays, an art market and plenty of interactive stuff to get everyone involved. 

We kicked off quietly at 12 in the corner of a large marquee, and within a short time the place was crammed with keen doodlers and scribblers. Even some parents were getting stuck in.

It's great when even the smallest of children want to show off their cartooning talents, not to mention swap their tips for what makes a great cartoon.

Wasn't able to take any photos myself (my nine-year-old son snapped this one) but I've been told the festival's photographer got some good shots so I'll post them here when I get them.

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