Quincey Quokka's Quest At The American Psychological Association Conference

On the 6th of August 2015 Dr Steven Howard presented his research on Ceratopia Book's Quincey Quokka's Quest to the American Psychological Association Conference in Toronto. We're pleased to report that the research went over very well, with plenty of interest and further questions about Quincey's adventure and the thoughts and processes behind it.

The session on, Cognitive and Executive Function, included Ewald Neuman from the University of Canterbury on Deciphering Interactions Between Visual Selective Attention and Working Memory; Sheida Rabipour of the University of Ottawa on Indexing Expectations of Cognitive Training and Their Influence On Cognitive Performance; and Steven Howard of the University of Wollongong on Engaging and Enhancing Children's Executive Function And Self-Regulation Through One-On-One and Group.

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