New Forest Show 2015

Well, we we only went and won...

The Longdown Activity Farm tent at the New Forest Show won the 2015 President's Cup for the best stand at the show. It had been a tough show, simply because we'd been so busy for the three days. We had egg hunts, chick handling, lots of animals to meet and stroke, a weighing machine to see how you compared to the animals, and me in the centre of the tent encouraging children to enter our short story competition whilst I did a cartoon drawing of their favourite animal. And we were also selling a particular book, more on which in the next post.

There were lots of helpful Longdown staff on site, plus two representatives from Countrywide and three from the Joe Glover Trust Charity (and me) so all in all we were able to answer people's questions, encourage them to meet the animals, and send them away with some fun memories, and possibly a cartoon donkey or chicken too.

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