School Visit - Awbridge Primary

I spent yesterday with the children of Awbridge Primary School, a relatively small school but with bags of personality and some lovely, enthusiastic children. I was there to share my children's books and do some drawing workshops, so it was a busy full-on day that once again left me in awe of the teaching staff that do it day in and day out. 

I try to tailor my visits to whatever the school needs, and in this instance they were keen for me to do my step--by-step drawing of Beaulieu the Hedgehog that children copy as I go along. This is done using just lines, shapes, numbers and letters, so even the children with low confidence can achieve a recognisable and worthy result (as the adults often find too when they have a go). Because the classes have mixed age groups I hadn't twigged that one class had a handful of five-year-olds, but even they did remarkably well with it. Some of the children went on to do some creative writing tasks based around what I'd been talking about, so hopefully I'll get to read some results in the coming weeks. All-in-all, a great day in a lovely little school.

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