The Critters Are Coming...

I've been sworn to secrecy up until now, but the artwork's been steadily appearing in the press and online (and there's a nifty TV ad too) so I can start sharing a few bits and pieces I've been doing for Paultons Park. This Easter sees the grand opening of a brand new land, Critter Creek, full of weird and wonderful beasties, odd plants and new attractions. This is a large illustration I did to showcase the land, using a mix of vector drawn elements and a few photos imported into Photoshop as Smart Objects so the illustrations can be resized, rescaled, trimmed down and generally tailored to whatever need. The Critters themselves are the stars of the show, from the Bee-ver to the Duck Billed Newt, and lots more besides, and they're all there to be discovered by the small explorers that visit the park. Promises to be great fun!

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