Teddy-Bo Is Off To Print!

The children's book I've written and illustrated for the Myositis Support Group, inspired by a local girl with juvenile dermatomyositis, was signed off today, so it's off to print! 

The disease is a kind of inflammation of the muscles, and although it is rare it's a serious concern for those who have it, affecting roughly two children in every million.

The book follows the story of Teddy-Bo as he develops, is diagnosed with, and is subsequently treated for the condition. The aim is to supply copies of the book, via the Myositis Support Group, to any child who discovers they have the disease, but it will also be available to buy for those family members and friends who want to learn more about what their loved one is going through.

The charity have also had teddies made of Teddy-Bo that will be handed out and sold alongside the books that we hope will bring an extra little bit of comfort to the children.

Looking forward now to the charity's annual conference in July where Teddy-Bo will be launched. Here's hoping he makes a positive difference!

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