Upcoming Children's Books

I've two children's books in the works at the moment, both of which should be available by the end of the year. One is a sequel to On The Banks Of Hatchet Pond, written by Val Anne Lee (more on that soon), and the other is a book produced in conjunction with Dr Steven Howard of the University of Wollongong in Australia.

It tells the story of a Quokka (look 'em up - they're cute) called Quincey who has to make his way home past various hungry beasties who challenge him to play their games in order to pass. Each game is an activity that promotes cognitive development in small children, so as the children enjoy the book the aim is to also develop their abilities to solve tasks and approach problems in different ways, which in turn should benefit their learning in later life. 

Now, obviously I'm no expert, but Dr Steven Howard is, and in order to prepare the book properly the artwork is currently being used in a study over in Australia to ascertain its merits, and we'll use the results to inform the final look of the book. Nearer the time I'll share a proper rationale (written by Dr Howard, not me), but in the meantime here's one of the pictures, without text.

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