New Forest Show 2014 - Day 1

Another year, and another New Forest Show, and I've been lucky enough to again be asked to be part of the Longdown Show Farm tent. We're a firm favourite at the show, with lots of families seeking us out to see what's different this year, or just to do the bits they enjoyed last time (which often means holding a fluffy chick). One pair of twins, along with their Grandma, have been coming to see me there for four years, and make me their first visit.

The theme at this year's show is Scarecrows, so Longdown commissioned me to design a photo opportunity board where you can poke your head through and have a picture taken, and thanks to Splash Display the finished article has proved a big hit all day.

I've been doing a bit of live drawing at some of the events I've been to this year, so thought I'd have a stab at the show to produce a picture in-between drawing children their favourite animals when they stopped off at my table. I wasn't sure if I'd have enough time to complete anything, so I kept the background simple and produced this scarecrow throughout the day - all drawn freehand, and crashing straight in with Sharpies - no pencilling or guides. It seemed to go down very well, so will have a stab at another tomorrow.

Memorable moments today included a very, very excited little girl, who couldn't have been much older than two, racing back and forth between the animals and squealing with delight every time she saw or touched one (even if it was the same animal), a mum who was watching me draw a cartoon for her child only to get a hole nibbled in the seat of her dress by an inquisitive goat (fortunately she saw the funny side, and in a way, so did we), and the little lad who gave me his family's life story, advice on my artwork and even the exact address of where they're staying in the New Forest, causing much hilarity all round. Also, got home to find I'd sold many more books than I thought I had.

Roll on tomorrow - it'll be cooler (apparently) and so we reckon a lot more people, and apparently I'm getting a cooked breakfast!

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