How To Keep Chickens Cartoons

I've had the rather enjoyable job of creating dozens and dozens of chicken-related cartoons for a new Longdown Activity Farm website aimed at offering advice and suggestions to those thinking about keeping chickens, or those that are coming across problems and want some sage advice. 

Longdown Activity Farm already sell everything you need to get you started, from the birds through to quality, solid-built housing and feed, but people purchasing their chickens at the farm also benefit from Farmer Bryan's offer to be available at the end of the phone should they have any problems. Farmer Bryan's the first to tell you he's not a vet, but he is a very experienced keeper of chickens and is willing to share that experience with those that want it. As a result, he gets asked a lot of questions and for a lot of advice, so he decided it was time to start putting his experience down into words to make it more freely available - hence the new website.

The advice covers many pages, ranging from the absolute basics, through to choosing your birds and the inevitable problems that come with owning any animal. To stop it being too dry Farmer Bryan decided the site would benefit from breaking it all down into easy to digest, and searchable, chunks complete with a relevant but fun cartoon at the top of each page. And that's where I came in, with lots of freedom to get cartooning.

The website is part of the Longdown Activity Farm main site, so do pay it a visit if you're thinking of keeping chickens, wish to benefit from the knowledge of an experienced keeper, or just like looking at cartoons of the farmyard fowl variety.

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