Poster Design For Multiple Events

There's certainly a lot less printed material being used since the arrival of the internet, but that doesn't mean there's no longer a requirement for print, nor does it mean that what's used online doesn't need designing. What it can mean is that people are more careful about budgets and the danger there is that by cutting corners you can damage your brand and how you are perceived by your customers.

I was asked to create some posters for Volleyball England that could be utilised over email but also be printed and displayed to advertise up-coming taster sessions to attract people to the sport. The posters required a generic design where the venues, dates and times could be altered. This could be done by setting a template in Word or even an Adobe Acrobat PDF form, but both those methods are very restrictive design-wise and it means you have to compromise the design with the limitations of the software. The best result for Volleyball England would be to be able to maintain their corporate identity with a professional looking design, so as part of the design cost for producing the posters I've offered to make the text amendments for future events. This way they get a professional looking poster rather than a compromise at a price they don't need to worry about.

If I can help you maintain a professional looking image with your graphic design then please do get in touch.

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