Author Visit & Cartoon Workshop In Pennington

It was a busy day at Our Lady & St Joseph Catholic Primary School in Pennington yesterday tackling three different topics with classes across the school. The youngest children had been looking at nocturnal animals, so I shared my New Forest Friends books with them and talked about what animals come out at night. We then created a new nocturnal creature from the parts of other animals with the children making the suggestions and me doing the drawing before the children were split into small groups to produce their own. Considering their young age the results were spectacular (one was named the Beaver of Doom!).

The next eldest age group were looking at ecological issues, so first of all I read them my New Forest Friends & The Litterbugs book and  we discussed some of the issues it raised. Then, with suggestions given by the children, we designed an eco-warrior with a costume made entirely from recycled material that the children suggested. Once they'd got to grips with that they then went away and had a go at designing an outfit of their own. 

The final session was with the eldest children who were looking at superheroes, so we spent some time talking about cartooning methods to give them some assistance with their superhero designs. Their drawings were great, with some of the more ambitious children tackling more complicated poses, expressions and costumes based around what we'd talked about.

The day was completed by a bustling book signing session which went incredibly well considering the small size of the school. Thank you to everyone at Our Lady & St Joseph Catholic Primary School for looking after me!

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