New Peregrine Falcon Book Swoops In

Ceratopia Books are proud to announce a new book, Top Gun Of The Sky. Written and illustrated by Martin Bradley, this book was inspired by the Peregrine Falcons Martin sees while working at ExxonMobil's Fawley Refinery and offers a glimpse into the world of this apex predator as you join the hunt from the Peregrine Falcon's point of view.

Chris Packham has kindly written a foreword for the book, in which he says: "This super book uses bold and brave graphics to illustrate a poem which describes the wonderful Peregrine and its world. It's both innovative and clever and provides a novel and exciting way for young people to learn more about this bird."

Martin has been keen to share his passion for this amazing bird of prey throughout the book, and has even included a drawing exercise and an illustrated double-page spread of falconry terminology. ExxonMobil has kindly supported the publication of this book and a proportion of each sale will be donated to the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

The book is available in shops now, at the Ceratopia shop here, and at the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

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