Drawing With Ringwood Infant School

Ringwood Infant School have been very good to ask me back every year for ten years now to talk about my children's books and do some step-by-step drawings with the children, and last Friday I joined the current Year 2 again. 

All the classes are named after New Forest animals, so after I'd shared my books and read a tale the children of that class got the opportunity to draw the creature their class is named after. This is done by me using simple lines and shapes on a large sheet at the front and the children copying after each step until the animal is complete. 

At the end of the school day the children are given the opportunity to buy my books in the library, and every year the school is fantastic at letting the children and parents know all about it in advance. This year it resulted in my best year for sales to date and a queue that stretched the length of the library and double-backed to the doors. 

I always get a warm welcome from the staff and children alike, and I'm starting to feel so at home in the staff room I've requested my own pigeon hole.

Thanks for having me, Ringwood!

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