New Forest Friends & The Pony Pests

Following the New Forest Show, I'm down to the final box of the New Forest Friends & The Pony Pests. First published in 1997 with a forward by Chris Packham, Pony Pests has proved to be a perennial favourite.

The story was partly inspired by events reported at the time of a family trying to sit their child on the back of a New Forest pony, not to mention some incidences of disrupted picnics where ponies had come to associate humans with food.

In the story Beaulieu the Hedgehog learns about why ponies practice shading, why some people (pony pests) forget that ponies live as wild animals in the forest despite the fact that they have owners, and why they're an animal that should be given some space.

The book still sells well each year so a reprint will inevitably be taking place in the coming months. In the meantime, you can get one of the remaining copies direct from my online shop, here.

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