Using Cartoon Strips To Sell Your Business

Using cartoon strips to sell your products and services can be a hit and miss affair (you've got super-powers, so what do you do with them? Flog carpet as Captain Underlay, of course) but as long as some thought is put into it they can work out very well.

The advantage of a cartoon strip is that you can use humour and friendly, colourful illustrations to get across your message, and because it's all drawn you don't have to worry about expensive sets and props or location shoots.

This is the second strip Carbon 2018 have asked me to create, but the brief put to me was nothing more than the strip's title plus the addition that they, as a business, were like a golf caddy. Everything else was down to me.

This meant I needed to educate myself on this aspect of their business in order to write a suitable script, so I spent some time familiarising myself with this before putting pencil to paper. I tend to plan a strip like this on scrap paper as a scribble so I can plan the visual gags alongside the words.

I then drew up a pencil rough of the strip so the client could get a good understanding of what I was suggesting and ensure I was saying the right things about their services. With just a few minor tweaks I was able to move to inking and colouring, and a finished strip.

You can find out more about Carbon 2018  at and if you'd like to find out more about how you can use cartoons and cartoon strips to promote your business get in touch with me here.

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