He Scores! Another Magazine Completed.

Have just sent the latest issue of Hampshire FA's Networks magazine to the printers (and here's a sneak peek at the cover).

When I took over the design and layout of Networks it was in a very different guise - a two colour six pager, and really more a newsletter - and that was some nine years ago. Thanks to Hampshire FA's vision, though, they have continually strived to make it a better and better tool for communicating their aims to support and develop grassroots football throughout the county, which has meant that it's steadily grown and evolved into the 36-page, full colour magazine it is today. In fact, it's actually 44 pages, because The FA supply a pull-out for the centre. 

Much of the work that Hampshire FA are able to do is through the direct participation and support of its patrons. The money you as a business pay to be a patron is driven back into the grassroots level of the game and makes a real difference to what the county can achieve. You can find out more at the Hampshire FA website here.

The magazine will be dropping on to doormats throughout Hampshire shortly, and be available online around the same time too.

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