New Forest Show - Day 3

The third and final day started busy and didn't let up until the show closed. I'd brought three A4 sketch pads, new pens and a huge pile of colouring sheets, but they didn't even make it until 3pm. I had to send out a plea for more paper to the exceptionally busy table operating with so many children coming and going.

I've since worked out that over the three days I drew over 250 on-the-spot animal cartoons requested by children, from obvious farm animals to dolphins, sharks, a multitude of giraffes and other African savannah animals, a velociraptor, several T rexs, a dragon and a duck-billed platypus. There were plenty more.

Managed to sell a healthy amount of my children's books too, which was really pleasing, if rather manic at times.

The Longdown Activity Farm marquee came within a cat's whisker of winning the President's Cup for best marquee in the show (they'd already come second in the trade marquee catagory on the first day) and we had continuous praise and positive comments from the families coming in and taking part.

I've really enjoyed being part of the Longdown marquee and the show as a whole. Longdown have already asked me back for next year, so might see you there.

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