New Forest Show - Day 2

Phew, what a scorcher, and what a day.

In the last two days I've drawn over 150 animal cartoons for children visiting the Longdown Activity Farm tent and the children have also coloured 200 of my pre-drawn Longdown animals. By 4 o'clock today I was out of colouring sheets, out of paper, and my Sharpies had pretty much dried up.

The day began hot and busy, with plenty of people making their way through the marquee. Lots and lots of positive comments about what we were doing, which was really heartening, and then late morning saw the arrival of the New Forest Show President, Mr Alan Titchmarsh. He was inspecting the tent as we're in the running for the President's Cup which is awarded to the marquee he sees as best in show. Having already been second in the trade show event yesterday you can't help but feel hopeful. I was drawing a pony for a child at the time, so all I could manage was a quick hello before plunging back down on to the paper, but he stayed and watched for a while (hey, no pressure).

Then this afternoon we were visited by the Queen and Prince Philip. I was on standby as I was told there was a good chance Prince Philip would come over and watch what I was doing while the Queen met Farmer Brian, but in the end the crowd was so dense there was no way he could have got through. Still, it was great for the farm as it recognised the hard work Brian and his team put into the event.

Final day tomorrow. Weather forecast is good (scorchio) so here's to another superb day.

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