Children's Books At Beaulieu Primary School

Yesterday I spent the day with the children of Beaulieu Primary School. The principal reason for going was to talk to the children about how children's books are created and to assist them in creating their own superhero so they could make a story of their own.

It's by no means a large school, so I was able to get to know the children really quickly and spend time sharing cartooning and illustrative tips, flesh out stories and give feedback. It was one long workshop broken down into class-sized chunks with everyone mucking in.

As always, the most off the wall session was with the reception children (always a favourite year group) who got me to draw a superhero for them on the spot made out of various types of fruit, veg and sausages. His name? Rockstar Potato. Curious as the potato was one bit of veg that didn't feature on his body, but hey, they were the collective boss.

At the end of the day I'd been invited to sell my children's books in the hall, and that fortunately coincided with me taking delivery of my new book, On The Banks Of Hatchet Pond. I've only illustrated this one, with the wonderful words coming from first-time author Val Anne Lee (who I'm sure you'll read more from in the coming years - she's brilliant).

It was great to share it for the first time with the children of the school and sign a few copies too!

I really enjoyed the visit and I look forward to seeing some of the children's finished creations.

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